Sunday, 31 March 2013

Habits - The Walk Ritual

Again, it's been a little while, so apologies to anyone who's been awaiting the next post. *exhales* Life, ya know?

It's EXHAUSTING, I tell ya!
Anyhoo, I wanted to make a little post about something that Mollie does that really tickles me. It's to do with her pre walk rituals, and her little quirks that have now become commonplace when she realises that a walk is on the cards.


 Now, my dad is retired, and so he walks them twice a day, everyday, without fail. It takes a pretty urgent matter, or a pretty severe storm to stop him, and I think he enjoys it as much as the dogs. He's certainly gotten a lot fitter through it, and of course, he likes to have a little fun and wind the dogs up. When Bingo knows it's time for a W-A-L-K (don't say too loud!), he'll walk quickly in circles (we call them his pirouettes), but that's about it. It's pretty cute.
But Mollie's a smart cookie. She's worked out approximately what time my dad takes her for a walk. Around this time, she'll look up at him with big eyes, and he'll laugh and say 'wait, not yet...'

My dad, or "The Food Man" as he's known to the dogs.
When the time finally arrives, he'll get down to her level, whisper "Mollie... What shall we do?". He used to have to finish the sentence, but there's no need anymore. She leaps into action and runs to the conservatory, scrabbling madly at the door on her hind legs. Then she leaps up on to the chair nearest the door and stand on the arm of it, standing like a pointer with one paw up. It's the most hysterical thing you've ever seen. We then open up the door, and are treated to the sight of Mollie enthusiastically donutting round the garden. There are probably little paw mark crop circles in my garden by now.

Once we get her on the lead, she rushes up to the side gate and proceeds to POUND it with her front paw in impatience! If ever the phrase 'chomping at the bit' was accurate, it really would be here. That little scruffball isn't waiting for anything.

I wish, I wish, I had a video of this to show you, but unfortunately, that's something I'll have to get when I return back to the UK in the summer. For now, I have a little video of Mollie being silly when I told her we were going for a walk. Not quite as entertaining, but hey!

Til next time, fellow troll-dog owners! I'm planning another puppy-antics post, so prepare for the little hairy whirlwind that is Puppy Mollie!

In the meantime, I'd love to hear if your dogs have any crazy, silly things they do when they hear the magic word! :)

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