Monday, 19 November 2012

The Perils of Pork Chops

So. Everyone's pretty familiar with the fact that dogs beg for food. Unless you have super magical well-trained pooches, chances are that yours will give you the big eyes whenever you're tucking into anything from a cheese sandwich to a slab of meatloaf. If you're eating, they want in. To be honest, Mollie isn't TOO bad with this kind of thing. Bingo is much worse, sitting right beside you, big, sad eyes in full effect, and even the drooling to top it all off.

He probably didn't even realise I was giving him a ponytail. He only has eyes for my dinner in this moment.

Friday, 2 November 2012

A Quick Note

Hey there!

Thanks to everyone who visited from the Pets United Blog, it was lovely to be featured there as a new blogger, and I hope everyone who clicked enjoyed my stories! If you did then awesome, I have many, many more!

I also wanted to make a brief post to feature this wonderful picture by a Twitter buddy of Mollie's, @behindtheear, who did this amazing picture of Mollie as Voldemort. Gotta say, sometimes she really does feel like the dark lord when she's up to no good! If you want to follow Mollie on Twitter, she is the aptly named @Mollietrolldog. She may be a troll, but she will follow you back!

See you soon with more ridiculous stories!