Sunday, 23 December 2012

Mollie Holiday Special

Again, sorry for the lack of posts for those of you who might've noticed the gap. Like the rest of the world, Christmas has got me running round like a headless chicken. Or turkey, I suppose. Anyhoo, I thought I would throw in a little Mollie tale to fit in with the festive season. Because Mollie can get festive too.

This picture may have been edited.

Our dogs, like all others (maybe not those border collies), don't know what christmas is about. But they know that any time with amazing food being brought into the open is indeed a good time, and that they will do anything they can to profit from this. The truth is, they don't actually need to. My dad always prepares a little dog-appropriate Christmas meal for them, which includes turkey scraps (as they usually get a bird so big it looks related to a dinosaur), gravy, and anything else that is sure to make an amazing meal for anyone, let alone my two mutts. Another little tradition around this time of year is the dog-walk in the middle of the day. Mind you, this is a tradition that happens every day really, but for some reason it's *extra* special, because it's Christmas. The dogs don't care either way, I'm sure.

"We didn't hear anything beyond 'walk'"
 We also try and get them a little something each. You know, standard stuff. A new toy, a massive marrowbone for them to chew on, whatever. However, sometimes Mollie doesn't think that's enough. So here's a short one for you to chew on as you enjoy your festive treats this year.

One day, a few years ago when Mollie was a wee little puppy (not her most well-behaved time, as you may have noticed) in that awkward gangly 'MY LIMBS ARE GROWING!' stage of puppyhood, she was growing into her cheekiness. The little bugger. You only have to read the 'Wee' story to know that no-one was safe in her realm of terror. So, let's set the scene. A friend of mine at the time had constructed me a rather beautiful Christmas card. I'm sure you can already tell where this is going. Now, I'm not a big one for cards. I hate sending them, and not overly keen on getting them (more rubbish), but this particular one was beautiful. My friend had hand-crafted it and filled it with pictures of my favourite musical artists, and quotes, and all kinds of whimsical stuff like that. I wish I had a picture to show you, because it really was something else, and must've taken a while to make.

So, here's a picture of Mollie looking innocent. She is not innocent.
 It was a few days leading to Christmas, and at this point she wasn't allowed in the living room without constant supervision, mainly because she had developed a fondness for chewing on the walls. Well, we all did at some point, I guess. So, I was faffing about doing something nearby, and must've forgotten to close the door. Mollie realised this, and was in like a shot, not wasting any time. Clocking this, I followed her, calling her in that same 'ughh, puppy,' disgruntled voice we all use. She immediately ran to the card display, and I swear to you, she paused, looking at each one, SELECTING which one was the most valuable to me. She stopped above the one my friend made.
'Argh!' I remember shouting, as she plucked it from its place and ran off with it. Now, if you've read the Newspaper Game post, you know how this goes. She realises she has something of yours, you get mad and sprint after her like an enraged yeti, she slips easily away from your clutches and laughs at you. It's a fairly standard routine.

This picture pretty much embodies everything that Mollie is.
 Needless to say, the card didn't look too good when she was done with it. But it wasn't even that - it was how she STUDIED each card and picked THAT one out of the whole bunch. And trust me, we had a LOT of cards!


"Surely you don't mean moi?"
 Anyhoo, this is obviously the last post before Christmas. If you celebrate the holidays, we here at MollieBlog headquarters wish you safe, fun times that have all the boundless joy of a young, reckless springer spaniel puppy.

Asked my mum to send whimsical xmas picture of dogs. She tried her best, bless her.